VerMints. Your Best Friend on a Blind Date

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VerMints. Your Best Friend on a Blind Date

Blind dates rock… or not. Actually, some most decidedly do not. 

If you’ve been set up, breathe. We’ve got you covered.

1.Pre-date jitters and self doubt.

What do we do together? Where should we go? Will this be weird?
The beach? Coffee? Dinner and movie? What if my puns are too weird? What if my breath smells funny? What if what if – ahh!

Relax. Chill. Pop a Wintergreen and think zen. Let your mind calm, and remember this: You are awesome. And cute.

2.Extra onions.

You had extra pepper and onion on your sandwich at lunch. Seemed like a good idea at the time (So zesty!). Maybe it was. But if you’re ten minutes away from meeting a cute stranger and possibly your life partner, it is not the time to breathe fire.

Suck a PepperMint. Transform the pepper into full blown pep. Breathe easy (and sweetly). If this is Mr. Right or Miss Perfect, you’re set for kissing tonight.

3.The awkward pause.

Two total strangers. One giant bowl of rigatoni. And conversation run dry. You can hear each other chew. Break the silence (and the wall of weird). Whip out your tin of VerMints. Then tell that story about the time you sucked a Cinnamon and rocked your open mic. “These things compel bravery,” you’ll say. And the momentum will shift. Sigh relief. Saved!


Super cute. Super interested. You’re hooked. Your date’s hooked. But he’s blabbing away the nervousness like a runaway steam train. You need to get a word in. He needs some oxygen. Grab a VerMints. Lean forward. Pop it into your cute date’s mouth. When his eyes widen in shock, it’s your moment: Steal that kiss! We look forward to an invitation to your wedding.

5.Wedding bells.

You hit it off! The movie went great and dinner was sensational. You already booked a bowling date for next week. Back in your apartment, you do a little happy dance with your disco lights flashing. Crush some VerMints. Make a PepperMint martini. Here’s to you, Hot Stuff!