Why I Blog About Our Food Supply

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Some thoughts from Gary, founder and chief minty maker of VerMints:

Happy Monday!

I’ve been blogging about our food supply for a while now and I know that must seem odd – what do mints have to do with organic agriculture? I wanted to share with you why I blog about our food supply.

I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner. The kids will cluster around the table. I’m going to show them these memes about eating gluten-free that cracked me up. We’ll carve the turkey together. The mashed sweet potatoes will disappear before we blink. The meal will be a reminder of how fortunate we are to have each other.

We’ve learned that staying healthy and happy is a lifestyle. It starts from eating well. So many of our kids don’t eat well, and would even throw out meals prepared by Jamie Oliver for chicken fingers and chips. A third of our kids think that cheese comes from plants. Happiness stems from health, and the foundation of staying healthy is knowledge of our food.

Our Thanksgiving dinner will be abundant – we’ll have a delicious meal and leftovers for days. How do we make sure that our kids will enjoy this abundance for decades after?

Even the UN has warned governments that we are facing a food crisis. What our families can do is to be conscious of how we eat.

We need to have informed conversations about our food. There are no easy answers – our current food system is flawed and the organic system isn’t perfect either. We need to carefully and seriously consider our choices.

From concerned farmers to thoughtful food scientists to conscientious consumers – that’s us! – we are making progress.

Let us talk about food. Let us eat good food. Let us live well.