Your Thanksgiving Table Needs These 10 Items

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This year you’re hosting Thanksgiving, which comes with advantages and a few set backs. You’ve divvied up who’s bringing what. Your Great Aunt is making her famous french chocolate silk pie and your brother is bringing a family favorite, salad. You’ve rounded up all your ingredients days in advance and already started into pie and cranberry sauce making. Your feast is well on its way. But, the best part about hosting Thanksgiving is you don’t have to come or go – it’s your house! So, if you want to belly flop on the couch after dinner – have at it. The worst part surely is all the cleaning, prep work and more cleaning. Although, you can usually coax a couple helpers into tidying up, especially with 20 plus bodies lounging around. All in all,Thanksgiving is mostly about spending time with Family and eating food (but mostly about the food), however, we do have a soft spot for organizing and decorating the house – specifically the Thanksgiving table. We’ve collected different items over the years and always have a theme based around a color or feeling. We found these items from some of our favorite online shops to add to your Holiday collection.

These trivets from Food52 are perfect to speckle on the table to keep your hot items off the cloth with a unique, rustic twist.

Why not serve your 6 different pies in confetti bowls? You’ll get asks of where you bought them at least 5 times – go ahead count.

A table runner seems like the iconic item for your table at Thanksgiving. A  strip of fun fabric to show you’ve got table-style and know how to accentuate your 23 dishes.

For bread or cheeses or both! This marble and wooden board goes both ways, so you can too.

When you spend all day working towards making that perfect gravy, best to make sure the sauce server has the same type of awe.

Remember that one time you used a pasta scooper for your apple crisp? Totally forgivable. But it’s time to invest in another serving set.

Everyone needs to stay hydrated in between all the meals and these tinted pitchers are just the ticket.

Investing in some new plates just before the Holiday season is a wise choice and these Old Havana Plates are some of our favorites.

We swoon for Thanksgivig desserts from the start of November until game day. Showcase the good stuff on these equally decadent dessert plates.

Although, 5 people are bringing a pie why not make it 6? And stick that glorious treat in this charming pie dish.

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