13 ideas on how to use wintergreen oil to better your health

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Lately we’ve been talking a lot about how to use wintergreen oil. We love the wintergreen plant and its sweet, minty flavor, which is why we started making making organic wintergreen mints in the first place. But the mouth freshening powers of wintergreen oil are just the beginning. Here are 13 ways you can use oil of wintergreen to better your health.

1. Soothe sore, achy muscles with a homemade massage oil. Dillute 20 – 30 drops of wintergreen oil in 100ml of carrier oil (like organic coconut or jojoba) and rub the pain away. 

2. Cure tummy upset and bloating by massaging a wintergreen and carrier oil mixture onto your lower abdomen.

3. Feeling sleepy and unfocussed at work? Instead of going for that fourth cup of coffee, keep a little jar of wintergreen oil at your desk for an awakening whiff.

4. Relieve headaches with this healing wintergreen-based rub.

5. Keep your yoga mat bacteria-free with a homemade wintergreen cleansing spray. All you need is a small spray bottle, distilled water, and a few drops of wintergreen essential oil. Get creative with your recipe by mixing in other fragrant essential oils like lavender or peppermint.

6. Cool sore, tired feet with a mixture of coconut, peppermint and wintergreen oils. This one is extra amazing on a hot day after a run.

7. Wintergreen oil is one of the absolute best natural pain killers. If you suffer from joint pain, mix one part wintergreen oil with four parts carrier oil and massage into the affected area.

8. Relieve nasal and respiratory congestion with an all-natural DIY vapor rub. Combine a couple drops of wintergreen oil to a dab of coconut oil and inhale deeply while applying the rub to your chest, neck and upper back.

9. Make your own hair rinse by mixing water, apple cider vinegar and 5 to 10 drops of wintergreen oil in a spray bottle. This natural treatment will leave your scalp feeling squeaky clean and your hair soft and shiny.

10. Wintergreen essential oil has been known to help calm nerves, and relieve stress. Reap the benefits by using wintergreen oil in your home diffuser.

11. Refresh your complexion and cure acne with this easy, DIY facial toner. Mix one part raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar with four parts water, and add a few drops of wintergreen and lavender essential oils.

12. Ease the pain of menstrual cramps by applying a wintergreen oil rub to your abdomen and lower back.

13. Wintergreen oil has powerful antibacterial properties and it smells great in your home. Save money on store-bought cleaners by running a few drops of wintergreen oil through your dishwasher and laundry machine. You can also scrub a little into your shower and toilet bowl.

It’s important to use essential oils with caution and in moderation. Learn more about wintergreen essential oil, its uses, benefits, and potential risks.