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Work Life Balance Quiz

Find out whether you’re zen or zonked with our work life balance quiz! Answer each of the 12 statements below with a “True” or “False” to get your result.

1.   ­­_____ “There aren’t enough hours in the day to get through my to-do list.”

2.   _____ “I used to have lots of hobbies but between work and home responsibilities, they’ve fallen to the wayside.”

3.   _____ “I have trouble falling and / or staying asleep.”

4.   _____ “I get sick frequently.”

5.   _____ “I can’t get through the day without a couple cups of coffee.”

6.   _____ “I find myself skipping meals to get more work done.”

7.   _____ “My friends and family get upset with me for being so busy.”

8.   _____ “I can’t imagine going a full day without checking my work email.”

9.   _____ “I feel extremely guilty when I can’t get everything done.”

10. _____ “I can’t remember the last time I did something for myself.”

11. _____ “I’ve been known to get frustrated and lose my temper at work.”

12. _____ “I generally feel overwhelmed and tired.”

Mostly true: You’ve got no work balance

You’re really good at managing mega responsibility. You’re used to taking on loads of work and it probably doesn’t phase you too much. You enjoy a challenge and you’re probably a bit of a control freak, too. Stress motivates you to stay productive.

Your ambition and drive is admirable. But the risk with stress-management pros like yourself, is that you’re so busy handling the crap out of everything that you don’t notice your body’s S.O.S. signals. Trouble sleeping and stomach pain are just a few of the subtle ways your body may be telling you to slow down. Failing to address the imbalance in your work and mental health can lead to heart attack, stroke or hypertension, to name a few. Scary stuff.

The bottom line: you’ve got to chill! Start by immediately dropping something from your to-do list. Pop a zen-infused Chai organic mint and check out our 6 Ways to Embrace Your Inner Child for more suggestions on how to give your grown-up mind a break and attain healthy life balance.

Some true, some false: You’re walking on thin ice

You’ve taken our work life balance questionnaire just in time to reel yourself in from a potentially dangerous situation. You’re not so far gone that you’ve forgotten how closely related your work and mental health really are, but you’re reaching full capacity. Now is a good time to take a good hard look at your commitments and how they may be impacting your overall health. Consider ways you can improve your work life balance, by saying unapologetically no to more responsibility in favor of a fun new activity you’ve always wanted to try. And if you’re already starting to feel the fatigue, boost your energy levels with one of these fresh n’ tasty superfood smoothies.

Mostly false: Work life balance for the win!

You understand the value of both hard work and mental health and you’ve managed to strike a fantastic balance between both. You’re not afraid to say no when it’s “you time” and when it is time to work, you’re well-rested and ready to get sh** done. Cheers to you! Now go celebrate with something sweet, like one of these five ooey, gooey, gluten free cinnamon roll recipes!

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