5 healthy alternatives to chewing gum.

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We like a good bubble-blowing session as much as the next guy, but smacking lips and sticky residue are sometimes overrated. If you’re jonesing for some chewing gum, consider these tasty, breath-freshing, un-sticky, less sugary options instead:


You either love licorice or you hate it. If you’re in the former category, lucky you. Licorice is a tasty treat that not only tastes great (to half the population) but also reduces instances of bad breath. Just chew a little of this all-natural quick fix, enjoy the flavor, and cover up bad breath.


Not just for decoration at fancy pants restaurants, Parsley is nature’s cure for halitosis. Chew a fresh sprig of parsley (the chlorophyll inside neutralizes the odor in your mouth), then go out and get kiss-y – if you choose.


Not to toot our own horn (TOOT!) but why chew gum when you can suck on (or chew) an organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan mint? Chock full of natural ingredients and void of any of the synthetics fund in chewing gum, VerMints are a great (and healthful) alternative.


Like we said, nature has you covered. Instead of getting jaw fatigue from all that chewing, swig back a cool glass of water and refresh your breath instantly! It’s free. It’s good for you. It’s fast. Need we say more?


Toss a piece of ginger in your next glass of water or in your tea. If you’re brave (and you like a whole lotta spice), chew on a fresh piece of ginger. Or, pop a Gingermint in your mouth and let the spice neutralize what you’ve got going on in there.