5 ways cinnamon can help you reach your optimal weight

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Cinnamon Protein Smoothie

Here at VerMints, we believe whole-heartedly in the magical healing powers of cinnamon.

But when it comes to achieving weight loss goals and maintaining a healthy weight, there are no magic tricks. What it boils down to is a balanced diet and plain old exercise.

That said, there are lots of ways you can use cinnamon on a daily basis to elevate your progress. Cinnamon decreases blood sugar, speeds metabolism, and helps your body burn belly fat. Whether you’re working to shed a few pounds or maintain your current weight, cinnamon is an ultra-delicious, mega-mighty tool.

Here are our top 5 ways to use cinnamon in achieving your healthiest weight:

1. Add cinnamon to your java

Even if you’re drinking superfood smoothies for breakfast, that added sugar in your morning coffee can offset your weight-loss goals. Instead, use cinnamon to sweeten your cup of joe naturally, with none of the empty calories. Bam!

2. Drink cinnamon and honey tea

Cinnamon and honey are both great for regulating blood sugar, boosting energy and keeping your tummy feeling full. Together, they’re an unstoppable power couple. Double the effects AND the flavor! Check out our favorite ways to drink cinnamon and honey tea here.

3. Spice up your protein shake

Cinnamon contains a natural blood glucose regulator called methylhydroxychalcone polymer (what?). Translation: rather than storing excess sugar in your body, cinnamon helps your system turn it directly into energy. That makes it a great ingredient in your pre-workout shakes and smoothies. Check out this tasty low-cal recipe from Pop Sugar.

4. Dash cinnamon on your breakfast

Sprinkling some cinnamon on top of your oatmeal, yogurt, applesauce, or even your fruit salad, will enhance the flavor, help you feel full longer and prevent mid-morning carb cravings.

5. Pop a Cinnamon VerMints

Next time you’re craving candy, suck on some Cinnamon VerMints instead. With all-natural, organic ingredients, VerMints (of all flavors!) are a good-for-you breath-freshening treat.

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