5 Ways to Cleanse Your Body and Mind

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Happy 2017! Another year goes by and a new exciting year awaits filled with adventures and opportunities. There is quite different responses to the New Year and those knotted resolutions that come with it. So many of us shy away from the idea of resolutions or simply find it foolish. However, we LOVE the idea. The idea to renew. The idea to start something positive or uplifting or healthy. I’ve been asking friends, neighbors, coworkers, clerks, etc. what their New Year’s resolutions are and many have squirmed at the thought. I think it invokes an immediate physical, subconscious evaluation the moment it leaves my lips. It’s almost an unspoken suggestion at physicality. More often than not the question comes bouncing back at me before I’m given an answer. "To read more – to read a book every 3 weeks" (3 weeks seems fair – not too overwhelming and totally doable). That’s when things really start to blossom – I’m told of future, hopeful accomplishments for loved ones or consistency in tasks. All good, all perfect resolutions. Below are 5 that I found to be excellent choices for 2017:

  • Remove Technology – technology seems to be a constant now. Everyone is on their phone, computer or tablet almost all the time. We’re slowly losing the ability to just sit and be. Something so seemingly simple and important, but getting lost in the noise. Many spoke of putting all electronics away from 6PM until going to bed. Three or more hours of just being present with family or friends.
  • Declutter – cleaning and removing unneeded items is always a reliving process. Cleaning the entire house, donating unwanted clothes or giving away/selling stored items is a great way to feel refreshed and light. The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up By Marie Kondo is an awesome place to start and get you ready for a legitimate life changer.
  • 3 Day Cleanse – Short and doable food cleanse to get you feeling recharged and ready for long term healthful eating. One cleanse we like in particular is Renew Life 3-Day Cleanse because it works with your body’s natural metabolism and allows for eating nutrition, pure whole foods.
  • Laugh – something that seems to be so simple, but can get swept away in our busy schedules. Laughter can actually reduce stress, anxiety, depression and strengthen the immune system. Robin Williams was on to something staring in the movie Patch Adams. Buy tickets to stand-up comedy shows or Improv, they are bound to have you smiling ear to ear.
  • Exercise Activities with Family or Friends – exercise is a forever excellent habit and lifestyle choice. Although, combining the activity while spending time with those that you love are great bonding moments and create positive motives around moving your body. Make changes that not only influence yourself but the ones you love and care about the most.

What New Year’s Resolutions are you mulling over at the moment? Share your thoughts in the comments below – don’t worry all steps forward to positive consistency are helpful to live your best life.

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