Missed Spots When Spring Cleaning

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Spring has finally made it and we couldn’t be more thrilled. We really haven’t had a rough winter in the Northeast, compared to the monstrosity that happened two years ago, but we're excited for fresh, happy growth that spring brings. So many beautiful plants sprouting up and blossoming. Spring is one of the best times of the year, because of all the exciting activities that peak our interest when the weather warms up. One of our favorite things to take care of right when the weather starts to turn and, of course, after the first day of spring: Spring Cleaning. We love it. Can’t get enough. There’s the sorting through and organizing old clothing, books and toys to donate or throw away. There’s the endless sweeping, dusting and wiping of all surfaces and floors. It’s very therapeutic and quite frankly there is a lot of good that can come from decluttering and cleaning. Consider it as one of the best possible things you can do for yourself at the start of spring. However, sometimes there are things we miss. And it’s good to be thorough. Thoroughness is a very brilliant trait, that's occasionally overlooked. We want you to be successful for your well-being and for your family’s well-being. But we need to remember those less thought of spots, that need TLC too.

Apparently, making your bed every morning makes a center focal point for “neat and tidy”. Creates a better environment for keeping a clean room AND you have the potential to sleep better! WAIT WHAT!? Another method to assist in getting some restful sleep? We’re on board. Idk. We didn’t make it up Good House Keeping said so, so it must be ligit, right?

Ah the refrigerator. That big, beautiful white or black (or some other funky color, maybe retro? Oh do share!) beast that holds all our favorite perishables, wants to be loved. It’s a matter of fact. And this spring you won’t forget to do it. We love our food and making sure the places its stored are cleaned is important. The shelves should be cleaned, drawers washed and scrubbed will have you reopening those glorious, gate keeping, doors not just for the food, but getting a quick peak at your sparkly job well done. So, you know out with the expired in with the fresh, you get the idea.

Those drains that theoretically lead to we know where, but discuss like the place-that-shall-not-be-named. After all that gunk is pumped through or pulled out (there are many methods), you’ll feel the relief of a small antelope escaping a lion. We promise.

Your trusty sous-chef needs a checkup. The microwave accumulates spots, splashes, crumbs, crusts, stains and maybe even a plate off its track? Hopefully, you don’t neglect it that much, but we do understand how you might need a reminder.

And just like your sous-chef the oven needs a nice scrub down. We know you love making those rich salmon dinners and matcha tea scones over and over again, so it’s no wonder there isn’t much time or energy to think about cleaning the thing that pulls it all together.

Cleaning your iron, the thing that makes you look crisp and sprightly, needs to be cleaned. How frustrating is it to have your freshly washed button-down be smeared with a spot upon your first stroke of the iron? We’re avoiding those “that-was-my-morning” convos.

Chandeliers, lights and ceiling fans all need a good dusting. Especially the fans, after the long winter months where curling up on the couch with your pup under layers of blankets and the heat cranked was all you dreamed about. Avoid those dusty showers and keep your light bulbs sparkly clean.

Your toothbrush holder could use a good cleaning. Our ceramic one fits nicely into the dishwasher, so we can easily pop it in from time to time.

Your cell phone. If it spends as much time against your face or enduring fingers touches, as mine, I’d say you should wipe it down every week. But as all good practices it is easy to forget. So, add this one to the spring cleaning list.

Make sure while cleaning that all your cleaning products are eco-friendly or harsh chemical free! It's better for you, your children and pets.

After you’re feeling spring-clean-complete, adding a fresh flower arrangement can brighten the room and everyone’s mood. Recent research was conducted at Harvard University about the positive effects flowers can create within a room for people. The study found that flowers impact people emotionally, causing them to feel less anxious, more compassionate and a boost of energy that lasts throughout the day. We suggest adding some herbs to your arrangement for a unique touch. 

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