Laughter: The Recipe for Relief

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They say laughter is good medicine, but these facts about laughing really give an old phrase some substance. Ever heard the term "belly laugh", well laughing can work all kinds of muscles in your body along with being a healthy release of emotion.

Not only is laughing tons of fun, but the health benefits are truly legitimate. Just think about it, if someone is upset, whether it be angry or sad, it usually goes on until you can get the person to laugh. It's a natural cure that you can practice on yourself and for others.

For your heart

According to a study at the University of Maryland Medical Center, laughing increases blood flow, which helps protect your heart from cardiovascular complications. Not surprisingly, stress has the opposite effect — it constricts blood vessels and reduces the flow of blood to your heart.

For Relaxation

Watch a couple Seinfeld reruns and tell us you don’t feel more relaxed afterwards. Okay, even if Jerry and the gang aren’t your personal idea of comedy (how dare you), you know where we’re going with this. A good, hearty laugh is like nature’s chill pill. It’s no wonder there’s an entire school of yoga dedicated to the health benefits of laughing.

For Pain Relief

A good laughing fit causes your brain to release feel-good chemicals that can temporarily relieve physical pain. How cool is that? Forget the pharmacy, instead pop an organic, gluten free treat like VerMints, and pick a comedy on Netflix!

For The Common Cold

Laughter is good medicine for a cold as it acts as a powerful natural pump for your lymphatic system. In layman’s terms, laughing boosts your immune system, which helps protect you from nasty viruses.

For Your Mood

Negative moods, depression and unhappiness in general can be a downward spiral. Laughing releases chemicals in the brain that improve your mood and help you feel more positive. Plus, when you feel good, you’re more likely to address the things in your life that may not be serving you.

For Relationships

One of the best benefits of laughter is that it’s completely and utterly contagious. People are naturally attracted to those who make them laugh. Sharing a sense of humor is a huge part of being in a healthy relationship.It is important to not be so uptight and when your partner is not having a good day, just do something random and funny to get their mind on a better track. Laughter is key!


For Your Abs

Laughing exercises your muscles and it’s a lot more fun than doing crunches! In addition to contracting your abs, a laughing fit also burns calories and speeds up your metabolism. Ha ha!

For Your Lungs

Another interesting health benefit of laughing is that it cleanses your lungs. Similar to deep breathing, laughing allows the lungs to open up and take in fresh oxygen.

So spread the healthy habit by calling a friend and talk about funny things you’ve seen or take a walk down memory lane by looking over your social media posts and pictures - it’s more valuable than you may realize!

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