A List of Gift Ideas

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We’ve all been there – trying to generate a seemingly endless list of creative gifts for our loved ones (or not so loved ones). Half way through the holiday season frenzy, our lack of ideas chips away at us. The majority of the people we buy gifts for we truly, deeply care for, so why should buying them something be that difficult? Or maybe that’s what makes it so difficult? (too deep?)

Anywho, I find the men in my life to be the most challenging to buy gifts for, so I complied a list to alleviate your (and my) creative-capacity-overload. Because who are we kidding the holidays are unfortunately sometimes (most of the time) mentally and physically exhausting.

Presents for any budget:

  • 1.Tickets – shows, games, classes! Get out and about and movin’ and groovin’
  • 2.Gift card to their favorite restaurant - C’mon food=love. We recommend (if you happen to be in Easton, PA) Setta Luna!
  • 3.VerMints! - Tasty, healthy and a breath refresher! You really can’t go wrong.
  • 4.Protein/superfood powder – Just looking out for their health, so they can stay in tip-top shape. Garden of Life doesn’t mess around. 
  • 5.Magazine Subscription – who doesn’t love to get lost in magical places? 
  • 6.Organic fruit tray - Fruit is to -die- for especially the organic kind - pears from Harry and David are a must.. but actually.
  • 7.A bottle of their favorite liquor - It is time to bring out their sassy.
  • 8.Add another item to their personal collection!
  • 9.Food tasting tour! Chocolate, cheese, wine?! Yep, it is a thing and it will be l-o-v-e-d.
  • 10. A good book and the perfect foot stool.

We most definitely think this list hit the nail on the head – especially number 3!

Happy Holidays from VerMints!