14 Ways You Should Be Eating Cranberries This Season

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Holiday events are starting to be planned and we couldn’t be happier. It’s always such a happy time celebrating with family and friends.. and the food! The glorious food. However, there are certain foods we really only seem to obsess over for 2 or 3 months of the year. One being cranberries! When the Holiday season rolls around we’re the first to try to incorporate cranberries into everything. Literally. We’re after getting our fill of cranberries for an entire year jam packed into 3 months – it’s a thing – proud or disgusted? Either way you won’t hinder our cranberry love! Aside from being tart and tasty, they are actually super healthy for you too. Loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which means all the more reason to start incorporating those red little spheres into you food ASAP. This cranberry recipe list is something you should print out and hold close for the next few months. You won’t be sorry you did.

A sweet and tangy one pan cranberry balsamic roasted chicken recipe that’s dripping in a juicy sauce. SO much yum!

A tart, yet sweet cranberry upside down cake to make your Holiday guests fan over cranberries as much as us!

If you’ve never had satsuma’s you are sorely missing out – imagine the best orange you’ve ever had. This cranberry, ginger and satsuma clafoutis is like a puffed-up pastry..cake. We know. Crazy good, innit?

We figured you might need cranberry loaded options for dinner, dessert AND in appetizers. This is a baked brie with candied pancetta, pecans and spicy cranberries – trust us by the end you’ll be cran koo-koo too.

Cranberry vinaigrette is a quick and easy recipe to throw on salads or grains for your parties. Homemade salad dressing? We’re already impressed.

When you just need something to sip, from all the food you’ve been eating this fresh cranberry smoothie has your name on it.

So, after you’ve had appys, dinner, dessert and drinks with cranberries – why not wake up the next morning and have a heathy, paleo, cranberry coffee cake for bfast?

This Kale and Cranberry Quinoa Salad with Apple Sage Dressing is tasty as a side dish or easy to eat on repeat throughout the work week.

We think a cranberry and orange combo is genius. And this paleo cranberry orange bread is ace.

If you not feeling much of the “bready” vibe, baked pears with honey, cranberries and pecans is a great healthy dessert.

If you’re a cinnamon raisin cookie lover, this one is for you, crunchy oatmeal and flax cranberry cookies.

Sometimes you need to power through the work week with some nutritious snacks and you will find a deep love for these pumpkin spice, cranberry superfood cereal squares.

It’s OK if you have a cranberry addiction right when you wake up. Us too. We care. All the more reason to entertain it with this spiced cranberry oat smoothie.

Another one for you early risers - cranberry, orange baked oatmeal with orange cream cheese glaze – uh yum. We can’t even begin to understand those that skip breakfast – c’mon how can that be a thing?

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