Red, Yellow … Green!

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The VerMints gang has been traveling all over spreading the healthy word about our mints. We love connecting with friends and making new ones from all walks of life – and we especially LOVE eating different cuisines – just like our friend Will Travel for Vegan Food! We have been tasting different foods from California, Georgia, England, Korea, Japan and the list keeps growing. Although, sometimes it is nice to be home dining at a favorite, local spot. One of the VerMints team’s favorites is The Green Light.

The founder, David O’Brien, traveled the country volunteering at raw food kitchens and sleeping in his car to learn as much as he could about raw, vegan food and what empowers people’s health.

Good, healthy food nourishes the stomach, heart and mind, and the VerMints team can’t get enough green, glowing vegetables and pure, fresh fruits in our diets! The Green Light offers a large selection of juices, coconut based drinks and smoothies – Plus homemade organic raw granolas and chocolate truffles with a coconut cream. One of our favorites is Raw Dave’s Favorite Smoothie #2, this smoothie has; banana, cashews, coconut oil, vanilla and coconut milk (sometimes I have them throw in cacao nibs for fun). Another must try are the chocolate truffles which are absolute heaven. BUT if neither of those tickle your fancy check out their menu for other tasty options. This amazing little juice and smoothie shop, also offers a Green Light Cleanse and Raw Food Chef Certification. This is why The Green Light has our hearts, not to mention their exceptionally friendly workers. They recently branched out opening six different locations in our area of Massachusetts – Duxbury, Kingston, Marshfield, Pembroke, Cohasset and Hingham – now, they have our heart six times over!

If you happen to find yourself in the Boston area (or live here already and haven’t made a visit) we HIGHLY suggest you pay The Green Light a visit. They are over-flowing with wholesome fruits, vegetables and smiles.

Make sure you pick up a copy of Will Travel for Vegan Foods’ Memoir highlighting her travel experiences and all sorts of tasty vegan restaurants across the Unites States available this April 2015!