The Anything Goes Vegan Dark Chocolate Bark Recipe

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Vegan Dark Chocolate Peppermint VerMints Bark for the win!Making chocolate bark is one of our favorite holiday rituals. Not only is it insanely simple, the flavor combinations are virtually endless. We’re talking nuts, sea salt, candy, dried fruit, herbs, spices, granola, popcorn, you name it, baby!

Chocolate bark is great because you can mix and match chocolate and toppings based on mood, diet or allergies (did we mention this particular recipe is organic, vegan, and gluten-free?). But whatever you do, make lots! It makes a great gift, wrapped in parchment paper and some cute baker’s twine and ribbon. Or better yet, enjoy it all to yourself with a glass of vegan berry mulled wine. 'Tis the season!

All you need to whip up this festive treat is parchment paper, a baking pan, vegan chocolate (we used dark chocolate chips, but you can also melt down a bar, just break it into smaller pieces first), and whatever fixings you happen to be craving. Don’t be afraid to get creative because you really can’t go wrong. Anything goes.

Because we’re feeling the Christmas spirit this week, we went with a classic recipe featuring Organic Peppermint VerMints. In fact any VerMints flavor would make a decadent bark topping. Want to try it for yourself? Head on over to the VerMints shop and take advantage of our holiday trio pack promotion — that's 3 tins for $10!*

HOW TO MAKE ONE BATCH OF BARK (you should probably just go ahead and double this):

- Dump a whole tin of Peppermint VerMints onto a cutting board and chop into little pieces.

- Melt 250g of chocolate in a double broiler or microwave. If you use your microwave, be sure to heat in short increments (about 30 seconds or so), stirring the whole way through.

- Pour the chocolate onto a baking pan lined with parchment paper and spread evenly with a spatula. Your chocolate layer should be about a 1/4” thick.

- Sprinkle VerMints on top and refrigerate for about 30 minutes before cutting into bite-size pieces. Store in the fridge (that is, if you manage not to eat it all right away).

*This deal is available to US customers only. Sorry, Canada!