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The VerMints team values transparency in our relationships with consumers. We knew it was important to obtain certifications such as USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, KSA Kosher, and GiG Gluten-Free. These certifications assure our customers that we take every step to verify our products are made with clean ingredients of the highest quality. We are doing this by integrating organic ingredients into our refreshing mints and savory pastilles through an exciting recipe inspired by the clean, fresh air from New England itself. We believe in celebrating the now and savoring every second. Our mints and pastilles reflect that.

VerMints are gluten free and contain no animal products, making VerMints vegan friendly!


So our motto is Grab Life & Taste it, which has such meaning when it comes to one dedicated VerMints fan. We often get customers telling us how much they love the taste of our mints and pastilles, while appreciating the concept of our product. However, this one hits the nail on the head...

Back in 2015, we received a message from a woman whose daughter was such a big fan of VerMints because she ate them to calm her when going through her first pregnancy. She contacted us with photos of the baby and the special moments that VerMints helped them through.


A year later, we decided to update our tag line from “Absolutely First-Rate” to “Grab Life & Taste it” because we’ve found that people can relate to our small family-owned business and the mints can be associate with a meaningful memory they had while enjoying them.
It’s those little moments of truth that has brought VerMints to a worldwide level. 

Our name comes from “Ver”, the Latin word for truth. Since our founding in 2003, VerMints has had one goal: to create a true mint. A mint free from artificial ingredients and additives without sacrificing great flavor and fresh breath. With the help of Mother Nature, we succeeded.

To ensure the integrity of our products, we selected a Safe Quality Food (SQF) certified manufacturing plant that only produces sugar-based confectionery, guaranteeing VerMints are “free from” the majority of food allergens. Unlike most conventional breath mints, our products are vegan and include no animal bi-products. All sugars and binding agents used are derived from natural, plant-based sources.

Fast forward 5 years later to July 2020, we get another email from the same proud Grandmother who wanted to let us know a special message:

We were so touched that she would reach out and yet again to complement our brand. Whatever brings you joy, try adding one of our mints or pastilles to that moment and make your own VerMints memory. Share your personal story with us!  


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