Be a sucker – for life! Introducing the Suckers Academy.

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Be a sucker – for life! Introducing the Suckers Academy.

We’re talking about VerMints suckers. The wild, wonderful, and sometimes wacky people that love to suck on VerMints. It’s the VIP organic mints club. Suckers aren’t just mint lovers; they are infatuated with VerMints. They have tins in the office, in their glove compartments, in their pockets, in their backpacks, in their purses, in their wallets, in their closets… everywhere. They love VerMints more then they love grandpa (sorry, grandpa). They tell people about VerMints. They share. They have VerMints friends. They make recipes out of VerMints (like our Gourmet White Chocolate Café Express Popcorn. Oh yes!) Basically, we’re nuts about VerMints (which are nut-free, by the way).

Suckers have ridiculously fresh breath and green ideals. We share our love of VerMints in return for a community of like-minded people who know that VerMints are more than just mints; they’re a revolution!

Suckers get all sorts of good things: like access to the latest and greatest VerMints news, opportunities to be the first to try and review new flavors, exclusive deals, insider health information, and more.


If you love VerMints, you’re already halfway into our club. To join the Academy for good, just take a picture of you and your favorite VerMints doing whatever it is you do as a VerMints’ lover, upload it to our Facebook page with a story about your love affair with these tasty pastilles. Use the hashtag #SuckersAcademy.

More great things to come.
See you later, Suckers!