Five ways to cure bad breath on the spot (whatever you do, don't skip number five!)

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Eat all the garlic bread you want, just remember these tips for freshening breath naturally

Have you ever been out for dinner with a colleague or even worse, a date, and ordered the most garlicky dish on the menu, only to realize you forgot your organic mints at home? Before you hit the panic button and run for the door, check out this list of natural breath fresheners — most of which you can order for dessert!


Moisture is key for cleansing your mouth of smelly leftover food bits. The added acidity of a slice of lemon helps to neutralize odors. It’ll wipe that garlic breath right out! Drinking lemon water has a plethora of other health benefits like aiding digestion, clearing your skin and boosting your immune system. To learn more about the magical powers of lemon water, check out this awesome list from All Women Stalk.


Swoon! Cinnamon is a true hero (learn more about our crush here). Not only do its antibacterial properties slay bad breath, but its other health benefits are nothing short of incredible. For instant fresh breath, chew right on the stick or stir it into your tea.


Chewing on fennel seeds is fantastic for increasing saliva and killing bad breath germs. Like some of our other favorite natural breath fresheners, fennel seeds also help to alleviate flatulence, bloating, and indigestion (just in case anything else starts to go wrong at dinner). Saje has a great on-the-go product called Eater's Digest which uses the essential oil of fennel to fix bad breath while aiding in digestion. Best of all, it comes in a little tube the size of lipstick so it's easy to throw in a pocket or your purse to have with you at all times.


Yup. We know it sounds strange, but like any halitosis cure, cukes boost your saliva production and flush out smelly bacteria. Rest a slice on your tongue and press it against the roof of your mouth for a minute or two. It works wonders!


When you’re out on the town and fresh out of mints, green tea is your next best bet. Health experts have been touting the benefits of green tea for some time now, so it’s not a huge surprise that it’s also great for improving oral health. Green tea is a super hero when it comes to fighting halitosis-causing bacteria, but studies have shown that it’s anti-inflammatory properties can also prevent cavities and gum disease. Just be sure to drink it straight. Milk and sugar will counteract those marvelous natural benefits.

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