The ultimate bad breath guide

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Bad Breath Guide

Bad breath has many culprits. No matter how diligent you are with your oral health routine, you simply can’t escape the stink left behind by certain foods, drinks, or a good night’s sleep. Learn more about the most common causes of bad breath and how to freshen up in a flash!

Fact: nobody wakes up with fresh breath. While we’re asleep, our mouths can’t create the saliva needed to flush out those miniscule bits of bad breath-causing bacteria left behind by the brush. The dryer the mouth, the stronger the dragon breath.

How to fix it:
Nothing will prevent morning breath completely. But staying hydrated, brushing and flossing before bed, and using an all-natural mouthwash can certainly help make you more kissable in the morning.

When it comes to coffee breath, caffeine is to blame. Just like when you’re sleeping, caffeine slows your saliva production to minimum, creating a ripe breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria.

How to fix it:
Eat an apple with your coffee. The naturally-occurring enzymes in apples help to kick-start saliva production and flush bacteria away. If you’re not an apple fan, follow your latte up with a tall glass of water and pop an organic mint!

Garlic has a lot going on when it comes to stink breath chemistry. The most notable halitosis-inducing ingredient is allyl methyl sulphide, which gives the root it’s strong aroma. In addition to promoting bacteria growth in your mouth, this sulphuric compound seeps into your blood stream, which means you literally sweat it out.

How to fix it:
To prevent the garlic sweats, simply go easy on your portions. To nix the breath issue, PeppermMint is our favorite natural assassin. Check out our recent post on the subject for a few other effective solutions.

We love sushi as much as the next guy, but the sad truth is that eating fish leaves you with some seriously foul breath.

How to fix it:
Finishing your meal with a mug of green tea can help tame the beast, but to beat fish breath for good, stick to basics with a thorough flossing and brushing.

Like garlic, beer is brimming with stinky, bacteria promoting compounds. It’s also a diuretic which dries out your mouth leaving you no saliva to flush that bacteria out.

How to fix it:
Drink water with fresh lemon. It’ll kill bad breath and lessen your hangover.

Your dog’s mouth is affected by a whole different set of bacteria than yours, but the result is all the same. Check out our tips to banish dog breath and improve canine health .

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