How to succeed with your health and wellness goals entering 2024

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Happy 2024! New Year's resolutions are a time where we tell ourselves we are going to be the best version of ourselves. Oftentimes, we get so wrapped up in our busy everyday lives we put our resolutions on the back burner where they become forgotten about. 2024 is the year to change that. If your New Year's resolution includes achieving your health and wellness goals, this blog is meant for you.

January is the month where our gyms are packed with people, but slowly dies down along with our resolution goal of going to the gym. We can all agree keeping track of your fitness goals can be hard, which is why we suggest starting small to avoid dropping this. Having a goal of walking for 30 minutes or trying to exercise 2-3 times a week is more attainable than setting a goal of working out 6 times a week. Keeping track of small victories in a journal or writing them on post-it notes and leaving it on your bedroom mirror to check off daily will leave you feeling empowered and confident that you in fact can achieve them.

A huge part of why people end up quitting their goals is because of their mindset. Forget about where you want to be by the end of the year and focus on the next few weeks. Getting yourself to the gym or walking to your own weight room downstairs is half the battle. Even asking a neighbor or a friend to walk around the neighborhood can make all the difference by having that support and keeping you motivated. Physical activity helps to improve your mood, enhances energy, promotes good quality sleep, and reduces stress levels.

Be kind to yourself. This is the most important tip of all. Okay, so you skipped the gym and binged on fro-yo instead. So what? Whatever you do, do not beat yourself up over it. When we make ourselves feel bad for slipping up, we only make it easier to give up completely. Be kind and stay positive. Allow yourself this obstacle and get back on track tomorrow. You've got this!

What is our goal for 2024? To grab life and continue making the world’s most delicious organic breath mint for our happy customers. We hope that this helps you feel motivated and that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. We look forward to hearing more about our customers' journeys in the new year. Share yours in the comments below!