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Congratulations to Olivia for winning the GRAND PRIZE in our #WishIHadVerMints Kiss n' Tell contest!

Poor girl is a vegetarian who braved a pepperoni-laden smooch!

"This guy and I were at a local pizza restaurant grabbing a bite to eat for our first date. I ordered a slice of margarita and he ordered a double stuffed meat slice. I'm a vegetarian and have been for several years, so I was a bit turned off by his meal. Nonetheless the date went just fine- until he kissed me goodbye. OH MY GOODNESS HE SMELLED AND TASTED LIKE MEAT AND I COULD NOT. So cutting that kiss short I pulled away made a bit of a face & he definitely caught it. We both said goodnight & that was the first and last time we kissed."

Olivia: that's a pretty meaty lip lock!

And well deserving of the grand prize: a YEAR'S WORTH OF VERMINTS!! 
(We hope you have a lot of kissing coming up!)

Thank you to everyone who shared their kissing stories with us! No matter how awkward, never stop kissing!