Tell us who you want to kiss and WIN!

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Listen, it's no secret that we love a good smooch. I mean, we do make organic, all natural, super tasty, vegan, gluten free mints after all. So kissing is kinda our thing. 

All kisses: lovers kisses, grandma smooches, drunken uncle slobbers, dog kisses, baby kisses. Lip locking is a blast!

So, in the spirit of giving and love and fresh breath, we are giving away a year's worth of our incredible organic mints to one lucky winner in our #iwannakissthis contest*.

Just follow any of our social media channels (FacebookTwitter, or Instagram), then tag the person that you'd like to kiss under the mistletoe this year. We'll send a year's worth of VerMints to the person that the winner wants to kiss!


Follow us, like us, tag your favourite kissing partner, and spread the love!

*Contest ends December 31, 2015.


Congratulations to Olivia for winning the GRAND PRIZE in our #WishIHadVerMints Kiss n' Tell contest!Poor girl is a vegetarian who braved a pepperoni-laden smooch!"This guy and I were at a local pizza restaurant grabbing a bite to eat for our first date. I ordered a slice of margarita and he ordered a double stuffed meat slice. I'm [...]

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Jennifer is our week 5 #wishihadvermints winner!

Congratulations to Jennifer for winning this week's #WishIHadVerMints Kiss n' Tell contest!  Her story is that perfect mix of awkward and sweet: "I was out with friends one night at a bar and out of the blue this guy I'd never met comes over and plants a kiss on my face. 18 years later we are still [...]

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Darrah is our Week 3 #WishIHadVerMints Winner!

Week 3 of our #WishIHadVerMints Kiss n' Tell contest on Facebook is up and the embarrassing smooches keep rolling in!This week's winner is Darrah – we're sending her a 6-flavor Variety Pack of VerMints!She and her BF decided it'd be a great idea to lock lips with his parents looking on. Eeps!Here is Darrah's story:"When [...]

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Jordann is our first #WishIHadVerMints Contest Winner!

It's week one of our #WishIHadVerMints Kiss n' Tell contest on Facebook. We had some hilarious, awkward, and downright unfortunate kissing stories (bruised lips, spit, faceplants, missed faces, you name it!)This week's winner is Jordann, who wins a 6-flavor Variety Pack of VerMints.(Only fresh organic vegan non-GMO kisses from here on in, Jordann!)Here is her ridiculous story. (Best [...]

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