Tell us who you want to kiss and WIN!

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Listen, it's no secret that we love a good smooch. I mean, we do make organic, all natural, super tasty, vegan, gluten free mints after all. So kissing is kinda our thing. 

All kisses: lovers kisses, grandma smooches, drunken uncle slobbers, dog kisses, baby kisses. Lip locking is a blast!

So, in the spirit of giving and love and fresh breath, we are giving away a year's worth of our incredible organic mints to one lucky winner in our #iwannakissthis contest*.

Just follow any of our social media channels (FacebookTwitter, or Instagram), then tag the person that you'd like to kiss under the mistletoe this year. We'll send a year's worth of VerMints to the person that the winner wants to kiss!


Follow us, like us, tag your favourite kissing partner, and spread the love!

*Contest ends December 31, 2015.